Potable water chemical analysis

We provide potable water analysis according to EU Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC and the World Health Organization's Guidelines for drinking water quality (4th Edition).

In addition, for potable water in Marine sector we perform analysis according to MLC 2006 requirements.

Our detailed analysis report includes physicochemical and microbiological analysis results, evaluation of the findings and recommendations of corrective action (if needed).

For potable water analysis we offer free-of-charge, as part of our service, special sampling kits with sterilized sampling bottles (Sodium Thiosulfate as a preservative is included to the bottles), materials and supplies needed for proper sampling and shipment globally and step-by-step sampling instructions.




Analysis report is sent electronically to your e-mail within 48hrs and, as a hard copy, by mail. 

We undertake:
• pickup and shipment of samples from ports worldwide to the lab within 48hrs
• water sampling on board upon request. Just call and ask for one of our technicians at the next port you anchor.

Download SpectrumLabs brochure about potable water analysis



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