Fire Fighting products

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Fire Fighting products

Ships should be fitted with fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems for the purpose of fighting fire. The system, fire fighting foam and the dry chemical powder should be adequate with high main ingredient concentrations for this purpose and satisfactory to the Administration.
Spectrumlabs provides Fire Fighting foam sample testing laboratory services for assessing the condition of low, medium and high expansion foam in accordance with MSC.1/Circ.1312 – Revised Guidelines for the performance and testing criteria, and survey of foam concentrates for fixed fire – extinguishing systems and with IMO MSC.1/Circ. 670 – Guidelines for the Performance and Testing Criteria and Surveys of High expansion Foam Concentrates for Fixed Fire extinguishing Systems.
We also offer Dry Powder chemical testing in accordance with EN 615 – Fire protection – Fire extinguishing media – Specifications for powders.
Additional tests for protein-based alcohol – resistant foam concentrates:

  • Small Scale Fire test
  • Chemical Stability test

Analysis report is sent electronically to your e-mail within the agreed time.

We undertake:
pickup and shipment of samples from ports worldwide to the lab within 48hrs.

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