About us


Spectrumlabs meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. For this reason, it addresses current social, economic, and environmental issues based on sustainability.

Spectrumlabs has integrated corporate social responsibility into its culture by fully implementing four management systems which address to quality, environment, and humans (ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 14001 and 45001).


Actions for the Environment

With the aim of adopting sustainable practices and promoting environmental responsibility, Spectrumlabs applies environmentally friendly practices. To achieve this goal, the company improves its environmental performance through efficient waste management and the reduction of energy consumption required for its activities. With proper planning, Spectrumlabs’ waste streams are clarified and identified, with the aim of safe disposal or utilization of waste, without causing health issues to its employees or environmental problems. The company is also registered in the Electronic Waste Register (HMA), contributing to the control of the overall recording of the produced waste in our country. In addition, Spectrumlabs, implements practices to reduce energy consumption and thereby contribute to the shrinking of its ecological footprint. Company’s goals are the continuous improvement of its environmental performance and the reduction of its ecological footprint resulting from its activities.

Finally, driven by environmental awareness, Spectrumlabs monitors the actions and programs of voluntary associations and organizations. In this context, it is a registered member of the Hellenic Association for the Protection of the Marine Environment (HELMEPA) in order to contribute practically to the cultivation of environmental awareness by systematically monitoring its actions and financially supporting its purposes.


Human resources, society

Spectrumlabs complies with the existing legislation and focuses on providing high-quality services through the continuous improvement of safe and healthy working conditions, the continuous synchronization of its equipment and facilities and the systematic investment in the training of its employees.

Spectrumlabs’ main concern is the professional integrity and the human protection. As a result of this, Spectrumlabs shows zero tolerance on corruption, bribery, and work intimidation by constantly informing all employees about their legal and labor rights as well as the obligations that derive from the performance of their duties.

Enhancing sustainability at a social level, the company hires full-time employees regardless of age, gender, nationality, or beliefs, but only with the main goal of corporate empowerment and professional skills development. Also, the company provides its employees with equal opportunities and career development, free from gender inequalities, which are clearly distinguished by its internal organization and structure.

Spectrumlabs systematically invests in the training and development of its human resources, organizing training and educational programs, for the continuous improvement of skills, a key pillar of its development.

The company promotes the health and well-being of its employees by systematically informing them about health and safety issues at work, providing additional medical insurance, cash benefits and in-kind benefits that may benefit themselves or their family members.

Finally, all employees are annually participating in social and/or sports events held by the company or organized by the local community, creating a friendlier working environment among them.

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